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At Onkar Property, we can help you realise the real estate portfolio you’ve always envisioned by using our in-depth local knowledge and our advanced real estate expertise. We specialise in residential real estate investment sales, financing, research, and advisory services. Property investment involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental, and sale of real estate for profit, which is an aspect of real estate that the Onkar Property team excels in.

Our investment property professionals are strategically positioned in various markets across the greater Brisbane region to ensure greater reach. We work with you to understand your investment property goals, and then we create a tailored strategy to help you achieve those goals.

Our principals pay attention to your individualised investment property details to ensure a tailored approach. They’ll analyse the current market conditions, evaluate your investment, and completely customise their marketing approach. As a result, your investment property will achieve its full appreciation potential. Whether you have a large or small investment property portfolio, our principals can optimise and maximise your income stream.

Not only do we represent the highest number of investment properties in the greater Brisbane region, we also have the highest level of insight and expertise, and conduct the most thorough research in the market. Our trustworthy and highly skilled investment property consultants help investors grow their real estate portfolio, while providing expert advice to mitigate any risks. Our unique services are customised to meet the needs of savvy investors, so let us guide you in achieving success with your investment property portfolio.

Our unique investment philosophy and performance driven team helps our customers create wealth with smart residential property investments. We deliver intelligent investment opportunities, both acquisitions and developments, to our clients and investor partners. Our Investment Program provides opportunities to institutions, pension funds, direct investors and private accredited investors.

Successful transactions are supported by robust investment and asset management strategies, which is exactly what we specialise in. We’ll expertly guide your investment decisions, and help you address and mitigate the financial effects of any uncertainties or risks. Our integrated investment services enhance value and bring smart decision making to the sales process with in-depth market research, acquisition and disposition expertise, complete due diligence processes, asset optimisation solutions, customised analytics and valuation.

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Anthony K

"I have worked with the owners of Onkar Property in several areas over the course of almost 10 years. I have always found him to be a diligent communicator and adept at making the most of sales situations. His ability to establish the needs of his clients is of a very high caliber and this allows him to negotiate favorable outcomes with both client and company"

Dan & Jodie
Forest Lake

"Very eye opening as to how you can make use of the equity in your home, Friendly service."


"My first feeling was I'am way out of my depth, I lost that feeling after a couple of hours with Onkar Property. They had me looking at finance in a completely different way. I bought a unit and the best thing about it is that I forget that I have done it. It has placed no extra worry on me at all. Very impressed with the back up service and they never forgot about me."

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